Mayweather Out Of Retirement – Do You Believe Him?

Floyd Mayweather out of retirement according to the man himself in the UK this week. He continues to pursue only one fight. One man.

Mayweather has confirmed that he’s officially out of retirement for one reason and one reason only today – UFC fighting Irish sensation Conor McGregor.

He’s hot on the pursuit of the Irishman it seems, but are these latest claims from Mayweather simply for publicity to hype up something that will never happen?

Or could the 40 year old boxing legend be serious about this comeback? All be it against someone who shouldn’t pose too many threats to him in a boxing ring like McGregor.

I’ve always said ever since Mayweather’s last fight against Andre Berto that we’d see him definitely back. That we’d see him return for a chance to surpass Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record of (which he is currently tied on).

Mayweather’s last fight as things stand:

An opportunity to go down in history with a unique 50-0 record. But never, certainly at that time around the Berto fight, did I’d imagine from a sporting context that it would be against McGregor.

A man who has never even fought a professional boxing match.

But McGregor must be thinking what’s to lose in this for him? He’ll make a truck load of cash either way and he probably thinks to himself at worst he’d be able to comeback to the UFC after his brief detour to the boxing world with this.

But at what costs though remain to be seen.

There is the school of thought that if Mayweather wanted he could really inflict an almighty beating over 12 rounds on the novice boxer that would be McGregor. A hiding that could do damage to him physically for years to come.

Or would Mayweather go easy on him and toy with the Irishman in an almost WWE spectacle more so than a boxing match?

Floyd Mayweather out of retirement, what do you think? Do you believe him when he says it’s official?