Demetrius Andrade vs Culcay Boxing Results – Boxing News and Views

The Demetrius Andrade vs Culcay boxing results are in. We go through round by round what happened in our post-fight report.

Demetrius Andrade vs Culcay Post-Fight Analysis

Demetrius Andrade vs Culcay was a much more competitive affair than pre-fight expectations.

American Demetrius Andrade travelled to Germany tonight against German-based Jack Culcay to fight for the vacant WBA super-welterweight title.

The US fighter already held a win in the amateurs over his much smaller foe Culcay. Immediately he established a strong jab on the front foot from round 1.

He finished the round well with some tidy body work on Culcay, who narrowly ducked some vicious looking hooks from the American.

Andrade came out with more purpose in round 2. He marched forward behind his popping southpaw jab at distance. Doing so from a low stance and tight guard.

Culcay had his first bit of success in round 3 as he rushed in underneath Andrade at times. He smothered the work of the American in the round.

A tangle of legs in the fourth round saw Andrade end up on the ground. An Andrade round overall though, for ring control and shots landed. At least I thought.

31 year old Culcay dug in a bit in the 5th. He put Andrade on the back foot in spots. A solid round for Culcay for work rate and grit. The American didn’t look as assured as he did at the beginning of the bout.

Close rounds to score mind you.

(Andrade’s early relaxation before the fight proved to be short lived):

As the mid rounds progressed Culcay looked more assured. He looked to let his right hand go more and remarkably, even beat his much taller opponent to the punch from distance on occasion.

Buoyed by a strong round 7, Culcay then had another positive 8th round as he looked like he was cutting the score difference on the cards down.

Andrade had a better round in the 9th. He got back to his boxing on the outside and utilized his reach effectively.

The 10th was another solid round for Andrade. Although Culcay came storming at the American towards the end and showed he had plenty of fight left.

This engine tank impressed again in the 11th from Culcay. Andrade seemed that little bit more shrewd in his work but the gap had been closed by Culcay at this stage.

Andrade used his long left hand straight down the pipe to good effect in the final round. He id enough to take the fight on points I felt.

But credit to Culcay who fought hard to the end. A proud warrior who gave it his all. The judges eventually gave the decision by split decision to Demetrius Andrade who won the vacant WBA 154lbs title.

Demetrius Andrade vs Culcay proved to be an entertaining fight in the end. A great effort by both fighters.