Floyd Mayweather Offers McGregor Chance To Sign Contract Once And For All

Floyd Mayweather offers McGregor chance to sign the ‘paper’ and goes into detail on what he thinks McGregor is actually worth versus what the Irishman’s expectations are.

Floyd Mayweather offers McGregor a contract, apparently, but is Mayweather asking for too much of McGregor?

McGregor is a massive star in the world of combat sports. That much is certain. But just how valuable he is when it comes to negotiations with Mayweather?

Mayweather is really pushing hard all week to try to coax McGregor into fighting him – labelling him a “b****”, a “punk” and more.

In the UK this week the man they call ‘Money’ said to journalist Gareth Davies and a crowd gathered at an event that he believes McGregor is pricing himself out.

Floyd Mayweather offers McGregor a chance to get the fight once and for all:

“He’s barking, he’s barking, he’s barking but he’s not biting. If you really want to bite, sign the paper work. It’s not that hard. He keeps crying and complaining trying to bid himself out of the fight. Don’t bid yourself out of the fight. If you really want the fight to happen, if they offer $10 million take it. If they offer you $20 million take it. But you’re not a $100 million fighter. Before I even got to here I made $100 million on more than just one occasion. Conor McGregor, if the biggest pay day you ever got was $10 million and you’re team is trying to pay you $17 to $20 million take it, because if you beat me we are going to fight again and then you can demand what you want. But that ‘if’ is dangerous.”

It seems like both men are taking turns of abusing each other verbally. Every week it’s either one of the other doing the trash talk.

An almost consistent back and forth. Perhaps they are in contact one another behind the scenes, cynically building this thing up steadily?

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.