World Boxing Super Series $50 Million Idea Has Potential

The World Boxing Super Series project launched by Sauerland Promotions and Ringstar Promotions is as refreshing any other idea in the sport. Particularly at a time where boxing continues to go through massive change in terms of new talent emerging, new ways for fans to consume content and more.

When the World Boxing Super Series idea was revealed this week immediately I was optimistic as I would be about anyone brave enough to trial a new product or business.

This was followed by a healthy amount of skepticism after reading into initially, then followed by a renewed sense of optimism following understanding fully of what the concept is trying to do.

Essentially the idea is a simple one.

Pit two weight classes of 16 boxers each of which are in the top 15 world rankings, and hopefully 2 world champions in each weight tournament, together in competition with a total value purse of $50 million at stake overall.

Potentially $10 million each goes to the eventual winners of both tournaments, and the remaining funds to be distributed among the rest of the boxers with an estimated minimum of $1 million each for even the quickest eliminated fighters.

Not bad.

The main people involved Richard Schaefer and Kalle Sauerland have a good track record of delivering in the boxing business – which is always a plus in something new like this too.

It kicks off this September and looks to initially run over three years (almost) in terms of the initial deal. Obviously an extension of such a deal will depend on the success of the Swiss owned entity.

But from a sporting context, what an opportunity for boxing.

Many will recall the Super Six tournament a few years back having a similar concept. Andre Ward eventually prevailed in that super-middleweight tournament.

Imagine if they could get exciting divisions like the heavyweights, middleweights or welterweights this time around into this particular tournament (who’s winner will also receive the ‘Muhammad Ali Trophy’).

Boxing’s glamor division (heavyweight) in particular is going through a resurgent stage with new champions and contenders emerging.

A format like this could really find out who’s best of the new bunch over the coming years.

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