David Haye First Public Appearance and Interview Since Bellew Loss

Haye has emerged for the first time since the weekend following losing in a heavyweight pay per view fight in the UK to Liverpool man Tony Bellew.

The atmosphere and fight itself was an entertaining enough heavyweight scrap most people seem to think, now that we’re a few days removed from fight night.

Going into the bout, everyone bar loyal Bellew supporters, immediate members of Bellew’s family and close team members around him, thought his opponent was going to win the fight.

None more so than Haye himself of course.

Bellew’s shock win over Haye inside the distance after Haye essentially fought on one leg from round 6 to round 11 goes to show that in this great sport we call boxing that anything can happen.

Underdogs can sometimes pull of an upset like Bellew did. That’s what makes boxing such a great sport really.

No matter what people might predict before hand, it can all go out the window once that first bell goes.

Particularly in the heavyweight division.

Haye has admitted this today in his first interview since defeat to Bellew. He went into detail on TV at Sky Sports News and dug into what happened, what potentially could be next for him and more: