WATCH: Danny Garcia Father Says There Will Be Garcia vs Thurman Rematch

garcia vs thurman rematch

Father and trainer to former world champion Danny Garcia, Angel Garcia, has took to social media today following the first defeat of his son’s professional boxing career last weekend.

Danny Garcia surrendered both his unbeaten record and world title belt to Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman via a split decision at the Barclays Center in New York, in a unification bout.

Despite selling out the venue and rating massively on TV, the fight might not have translated into the toe to toe slug fest like some had hoped it would transpire into before hand.

Some of the early start of the fight definitely had it’s moments of action but it was more of a fight for the purists all in all, not the action lovers so to say.

Certainly not along the lines of the stinker that was Mayweather vs Pacquiao mind you.

A Garcia vs Thurman rematch would likely be a better encounter second time around with both men now knowing what each brings to the table.

You’d imagine at least. Whether or not it will happen though is another thing.

Logically speaking, it shouldn’t be that hard to make considering both men fight under the Premier Boxing Champions banner in the US and are managed by boxing power broker Al Haymon.

Here’s Angel Garcia speaking today on social media and confirming that in his opinion there will be a Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman rematch: