WATCH: The Painful Exact Moment David Haye Achilles Snapped

It has been reported this morning that David Haye has been released from hospital following an injury sustained to his Achilles in his heavyweight fight this weekend with Tony Bellew.

It was clear from the mid rounds onward that Haye was in extreme pain, as he battled bravely to fight on and try to hide it.

But it was plain as day to see, considering also that his balance was totally gone and he was hobbling around on one leg for essentially five rounds until the towel was thrown in.

david haye achilles

One fan on Twitter has actually pinpointed the exact moment in round 6 when the David Haye Achilles went, which makes for rather painful watching:

(Hat tip Adam McTaggart Twitter account)

As you can see, Haye goes from smiling following seeing Bellew on the floor one second, to bouncing back onto his foot only for it to make the grotesque movement above.

It is understood that following been released from hospital this morning in the UK and that doctors chose not to operate on the injury for the time being.

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