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Alexander Povetkin promoter Andrew Ryabinsky has come out swinging verbally, following his charge receiving an indefinite ban this week by the WBC (World Boxing Council).

Russian heavyweight contender Povetkin was also issued a fine of $250,000 by the organization on top of the ban. The ban does not appear to have a stated period of time.

Alexander Povetkin Promoter

Many fans were wondering will Povetkin retire following this ban from the WBC, particularly if the other main governing bodies in world professional boxing followed suit in support of their decision – the WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO.

However following the news, ban and fine that Povetkin received from the WBC during the week for what they said was for for anti-doping violations, Alexander Povetkin promoter Andrew Ryabinsky has said the following on his officially verified Twitter account today.

Alexander Povetkin promoter responds to WBC Ban

(Note: Twitter translation service to the English language used)

alexander povetkin promoter

Povetkin was recently involved in this court case stemming from a dispute with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

The Russian heavyweight last boxed in December in his native Russia, but it is unclear when the 37 year old might now fight again.

Always an solid fighter to watch in the ring, for those not familiar with Povetkin’s work inside of the squared circle – check out some of his highlights here:

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