Not long to go now until tonight’s heavyweight grudge match in the UK. We’ve stumbled across a very easy (and super cheap) way for fight fans to catch the David Haye vs Tony Bellew live stream online.

Want to watch a David Haye vs Tony Bellew live stream way cheaper than buying the fight, in guaranteed quality and totally legally?

You are in luck.

Tonight’s fight I’m estimating should kick off anywhere around the 10pm mark local time in the UK – which is 2pm PT / 5pm ET in the US.

That depends on TV schedules mind you.

But I can see it starting any earlier than then that with an extensive undercard and pre-main event coverage starting at 5pm local time on Sky Sports box office.

David Haye vs Tony Bellew Live Stream

Indeed the main event is being carried by Sky tonight and if you want to watch the fight online you need to be a customer.

But there is an easy, totally legal and legitimate way around this for those interested.

Cheap Way to watch the David Haye vs Tony Bellew live stream

Their bookmakers Sky Bet, if you look them up online, are offering a new customer offer if you sign up with them here and place a £5 bet on the fight.

You then get a Sky Sports box office link sent to you to watch the fight online or on your mobile.

While it’s not free as you have to put down a £5 bet, it still saves you more than 66% on what buying the fight costs and you can always close down the Sky Bet account straight after the fight anyway.

The above will also guarantee you have a perfect quality stream too – that won’t go down half way through the action.

That’s what I’d be doing to milk the offer anyway at least, and oh, probably sticking the £5 on Haye to win in some shape or form depending on what odds they give you too.

There’s often clever little ways like the above to avail of stuff around these big fights and I hope the above is of use if you choose to get a legal David Haye vs Tony Bellew live stream of tonight’s boxing action.

For our full prediction, fight time and preview by Peter Wells, you will find it here.

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