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Golovkin vs Jacobs 24/7 Kicking Off Soon

The first HBO instalment of Golovkin vs Jacobs 24/7 is due to be released soon ahead of the pair’s showdown at Madison Sqaure Garden on March 18th.

It will be St.Patrick’s weekend in New York when the pair collide in what should be a genuinely entertaining middleweight title fight.


HBO’s award winning ‘24/7’ series is back and the Golovkin vs Jacobs 24/7 first episode is due to come out on March 4th at 10.30pm on HBO – as per Patrick Byrne of HBO today.

The two are now coming down the final stretch of their respective training camps, in a time just under three weeks out from fight night that is probably the most gruelling, sparring intensive of the entire camp.

Golovkin is well known for sending sparring partners home early due to the heavy nature of his fists, but Jacobs is no sparring partner.

He is the strongest middleweight that ‘GGG’ will have faced to date and I’m really looking forward to seeing how Golovkin deals with someone who could potentially push him back and put him on the back foot.

The UK’s Kell Brook did this in spurts early on into their fight back in 2016, only to be overwhelmed by the superior power of Golovkin in the end.

Jacobs might not be overwhelmed as easily however.

HBO Boxing’s YouTube have released their first build-up video ahead of the fight below.

Here’s Harold Lederman’s early take on the fight: