WATCH: Chavez Jr Father Coaching Him Ahead of Canelo Fight

Chavez Jr father and legendary Mexican boxing icon Julio Cesar Chavez Sr giving his son tips on what he needs to do against Canelo Alvarez come May 6th.

When Canelo and Chavez Jr face off in the ring there will likely be as much fighting passion within the squared circle that you’ll see anywhere this year.

Chavez Jr Father

There is national fighting pride at stake in their home country of Mexico.

No doubt about it.

Bragging rights that will likely last for the rest of the winner’s natural life in their home country.

There are fewer more iconic warriors from this proud fighting nation than Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

It just so happens he’s taking a hands on approach with his son ahead of the May 6th bout in Vegas:

(Courtesy of ES News YouTube)

Interesting to see both the defensive and offensive moves worked on there.

Besides the plan being worked on between father and son, it also shows Chavez Jr to be significantly down in weight already from the looks of things.

The fight is contracted at a catchweight of 164lbs, but Chavez has had notorious problems in recent years making weight.

With his father watching over him above, it appears he’s taking things deadly serious and already is dropping weight considerably.

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