Report: Floyd Mayweather House Gets Robbed

According to reports Floyd Mayweather house gets robbed while the ex-champion was celebrating his 40th birthday this past weekend.

Mayweather was out of town in California this past weekend, celebrating with the likes of Mariah Carey no less.

However bad news has come for him in one of his Vegas properties.

Floyd Mayweather House Gets Robbed

TMZ have reported that his mansion in Las Vegas was burgled over the weekend and that thieves allegedly got away with valuables worth an estimated $150,000.

Considering Mayweather recently said he has a property value worth more than $1 billion dollars and is estimated to be worth many hundreds of millions of dollars, the worth of the items is likely not going to bother him – but the principle of someone breaking into his home no doubt is.

The report goes onto say that the matter is now in the hands of the authorities and that Mayweather has been filed as a victim of theft in police reports.

This will come as an annoying piece of news no doubt to Mayweather, particularly on his birthday.

A real low blow from whoever did it.

From a boxing perspective, it is still not known yet if the much talked about Mayweather McGregor event will happen.

Or if Mayweather will return for one last fight at all.