GGG Mayweather Fight – Golovkin Willing To Drop Weight To Make It Happen

A GGG Mayweather super fight in the sport of boxing is something that middleweight Gennady Golovkin has said he more than wants, and is willing to bend to demands Mayweather might have.

It’s a fight that undeniably would set the world of boxing alight.

GGG Mayweather

Golovkin is respectful when it comes to Mayweather’s ability but today has laughed off Canelo’s boxing skills, labelling him today on ESPN as:


He doesn’t respect him, but fans definitely still want to see the two fight in September.

However, imagine a GGG Mayweather fight.

Surely that would trump anything in world boxing – in terms of interest for fight fans?

The ultimate puncher against the ultimate boxer.

One of the most devastating knockout artists in history against one of the most gifted noble art technicians of all time.

Speaking today on ESPN Golovkin said in order to make a GGG Mayweather super fight he would be willing to drop down in weight:

Golovkin is a middleweight and Mayweather a welterweight.

So the natural school of thought would suggest a meeting at super-welterweight (154lbs).

It’s a weight Mayweather has been successful at in the past and at the age of 40 now, and the added bulk he’s put on in recent years, would probably be a natural weight class for him now.

But the big question of course is would Mayweather take the fight – even at a catchweight for GGG?

And what about the Conor McGregor boxing match that Mayweather has said is the only one that interests him in coming back for?

Then again, Mayweather has also intimated in the past that Golovkin would be an easy fight for him.

But would it, though? I’m not sure it would.

Particularly at his advanced years now and with GGG having been so active during the time Mayweather has been out of the ring.

There is no denying that a Mayweather GGG fight would be global sports news.

Over to you, Money Mayweather…