WATCH: Fan Attacks Boxer In Bizarre Incident During Florida Match

A fan attacks a professional fighter during the 6th round of a boxing match that took place in Florida. Certainly one of the stranger things we’ve seen in pro boxing in recent times.

When it comes to professional boxing, things very rarely surprise a journalist after a few years of covering the sport.

Fan Attacks Boxer

It’s a red blooded, nutty business at the best of times, where common logic often flies out the proverbial window.

This past Saturday on February 24th during a fight between unbeaten up and comers this sentiment rang true.

During a fight between Jose Resendez and Joshua Pagan – all hell broke loose in round 6 of their featherweight fight at the Tony Rosa Community Center in Palm Bay:

Not something you see everyday in the squared circle…

Apparently the man was a fan of boxer Joshua Pagan, and decided for whatever reason to take a swing at his opponent Jose Resendez.

Talk about taking fan passion too far.

Some have also suggested that the man could have been a member of Pagan’s extended team and lashed out in frustration in support of his man.

If that’s the case, expect some action to be taken by the relevant commission who were regulating the fight on the night.

Pagan ran out the winner on points in the end, although after the above controversy, calls for a part II of the fight will likely be put out.