Video: Mayweather Sr Thinks His Son KO’s McGregor In 2

Floyd Mayweather Sr is always an interesting character, never shy to give his opinion. When it comes to his son and Conor McGregor fighting in a potential boxing match – he’s as jovial as ever.

There’s few who know more about the technical science of high level pro boxing than him.

So when Mayweather Sr is asked about his son fighting McGregor, it’s understandable to an extent that he doesn’t take the challenge particularly seriously.

A man renowned for his defensive boxing coaching prowess and speed drills, he’s trained many fighters other than his son over the years.

Other notable pro fighters include Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya.

Speaking this week at his son’s 40th birthday at a media scrum in California, Mayweather Sr said of McGregor:

“I’m going to tell you something. At the end of the day, if Floyd decides to take that fight. I’m going to be with him. The fight ain’t going to be about 2 rounds anyway. I’m just telling you the honest truth. McGregor can talk. Personally man I’ll tell you the truth, when I was talking to that young dude (another reporter) lately, about two weeks ago, I told him already anyway. If Conor McGregor want to fight come see Floyd Mayweather Senior.”

Asked what he would do to McGregor, even at 63 years of age, Mayweather Sr replied:

“Stop him. Cold stop him. He’s 29, 28? I’m over twice his age. I’ll whoop him real bad.”

It’s clear that Mayweather Sr believes his son KO’s Mayweather inside two rounds based on the fact he’d even step in their with the Irishman himself, even at his advanced years.

If the fight does happen, expect to see Mayweather’s father play a prevalent role in the pre-fight trash talk.

For the full interview with Mayweather Sr check it out here courtesy of ES News YouTube: