This David Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off special has been anticipated quite eagerly from fans in recent weeks. Now the full thing has aired on TV and it’s hit the internet below.

The pair don’t like each other, that much is crystal clear.

David Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off

They sat down with Sky Sports host Johnny Nelson to have a chat face to face ahead of their pay per view heavyweight fight next Saturday on March 4th.

Here’s what happened in the full David Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off episode via the BenjiM31 YouTube account:

Haye vs Bellew Gloves Are Off

An entertaining watch, like much of the pre-fight verbals have been but do they make any bearing on the fight?

Highly unlikely.

Both men are training hard regardless of social media posts put out suggesting otherwise for Haye.

You could get a great insight into what’s motivating both men here ahead of this fight.

Is it pay per view worthy? From a boxing credibility point of view, probably not.

But then again, this is not just boxing, it’s entertainment. Professional boxing always has been more than just pure sport.

These two can talk as well as any fighter and for that reason alone, quite a lot of people will likely tune into watch the fight.

For as long as it lasts expect some fireworks.

But I’m sticking with Haye inside 4 as per my prediction on British Boxing News recently.