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Watch: Haye vs Bellew Behind The Ropes

Ahead of their March 4th pay per view heavyweight showdown the Haye vs Bellew Behind The Ropes video has hit the internet.

The two men are now making final tweaks in their preparation with just over a week to go until March 4th’s grudge match.

All those months of hatred are now nearly over.

All the hard work is done now realistically, with the punches due to start flying between two fighters who seem to genuinely dislike each other as much any in boxing today.

Haye vs Bellew Behind The Ropes
Haye has been accused of not training particularly hard for the fight

While Haye’s training techniques may have come into question from some due to his leisurely social media posts, I could have been fooled judging by the condition he is in looking in lately.

Clearly working with coach Shane McGuigan is helping him physically, although Bellew has concerns over how exactly he has put on the weight ahead of their fight.

Check out the Sky Sports Haye vs Bellew Behind The Ropes video here:

Bellew is clearly training hard for the fight and boxing after all, is not a battle of physiques.

It’s a battle of skill and will, and who gets their game plan correct on the night.

There is palpable tension between both teams too as they put together these plans ahead of Saturday March 4th.

Haye’s comments of Bellew’s entire team being “rodent-like” above clearly shows it’s not just Bellew whom he has little respect for.

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