David Haye on Bellew Punch Power

Former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion David Haye on Bellew punching ability, his ability to hurt him and more.

Tony Bellew’s professional boxing record reads 28-2-1 (18KO) and has shown in the past that he definitely has a punch.

But his upcoming opponent David Haye is not impressed with his power whatsover/

When comparing punch power between these two men, it’s probably fair to say Haye has the edg.

But in a heavyweight fight one punch can change it all for anyone, where every fighter has a puncher’s chance due to the weight.

During a running dialogue with his opponent in the Gloves Are Off promo shot by Sky Sports, David Haye spoke directly to Bellew on how he can’t accept he has the power to hurt him.

Haye on Bellew:

“You can’t put me down. You don’t punch hard enough. You’re punch power is not good enough to do that. It’s not. It’s not. I’m flat out refusing. You can hit me with your best shot on the chin, zero is happening. It’s bouncing off. That is the truth. You don’t have the fire power. No firepower whatsoever. That’s the truth. You don’t have the fire power. There is nothing to accept. Zero to accept.”

On how he sees Bellew’s fight style compared to his, he added:

“Tailor-made. If I could construct an opponent that could get knocked out super quick, super fast and super spectacularly, I’d probably say get me someone like Tony Bellew.”