James Braddock Boxer Story Still One Of The Most Inspirational

The ‘Cinerella Man’ James Braddock boxer tale is one that still acts as a beacon of hope and inspiration to this day in 2017 for anyone who might be going through rough times in their lives, of any nature.

Recently for the first time I had the chance to watch the movie ‘Cinderella Man’ played by Russell Crowe.

braddock boxer

The award winning film is based around the James Braddock boxer life story and had a profound impact on me after I watched it.

I did some research on Braddock after watching the movie.

In today’s times of technology, where people have everything at the touch of a button and seem to have more now than any other period in human history, it made me think about how some things in humanity are timeless.

James Braddock’s determination, self-belief in himself and will to simply give up are traits that anyone can use in any walk of life, regardless of one’s situation, geography or whatever.

Braddock grew up in a time of the ‘Great Depression’ in America, seen as probably the worst recession in history and an era that crushed many people’s spirit.

Opportunities were little, almost non-existent, but Braddock refused to give in to this wave of negativity and like many great champions and indeed human beings in any walk of life, got on with things and worked that much harder.

braddock boxer
Braddock vs Joe Louis in June 1937

Never complaining, never showing fatigue and always moving forward.

Ultimately, this perseverance was rewarded when Braddock became heavyweight champion of the world between 1935 and 1937.

He fought the likes of Joe Louis and Max Baer during his prizefighting tenure and when all was said and done, he retired with a pro boxing record of 50-26-7-2NC (25KO).

Rags to riches stories are always cool but my favorite kind of anecdotes are the ones that involve human beings coming back from prolonged adversity.

Underdogs who were not meant to ever achieve anything great, only to persevere and stick with their dreams and ultimately achieve them.

Too many people in life give up on their dreams too easily, and too quickly.

If you have a spare hour this week and you are looking for a good watch, then watch the real James Braddock boxer story below on YouTube.

It will be worth it.

They don’t make them like this anymore. Heart, grit, character and integrity.

If anyone ever personified these words, it’s this man.

This fighter: