Watch: Conor McGregor Boxing Training Alongside Michael Conlan

Conor McGregor boxing training video next to 2016 Irish Olympian Michael Conlan in Conlan’s new base camp in LA, California.

Michael Conlan is currently preparing for his pro debut this St Patrick’s Day at Madison Square Garden in New York.

It will be the same weekend that Gennady Golovkin will take on Danny Jacobs in New York.

Conor McGregor Boxing Training

Ahead of the big Apple boxing bonanza, a certain Irish fight star has hooked up with Conlan at his training camp in California – where Conlan is working under trainer Manny Robles.

That is of course Conor McGregor, a man heavily linked to a boxing match in 2017 with former pound for pound number one Floyd Mayweather.

Indeed, McGregor has taken tangible steps in recent times towards trying to make this become a reality from getting a Californian State Athletic Commission professional boxing license, to upping his boxing workouts and technique drills.

This short McGregor sparring video with a boxer made quite a few headlines online.

The Conor McGregor boxing training and preparation for a possible Mayweather showdown has been taken to a more serious level, working alongside the ultra talented Conlan.

(Hat tip and credit: TheMacLife productions YouTube)

It’s hard to gauge how McGregor’s boxing skills are coming along from the above bag work.

Perhaps his next sparring video released with a boxer will give more of an insight.

No doubt getting boxing training work though in alongside Conlan will help McGregor improve his sweet science skills.

But enough to come anywhere remotely near those of Floyd Mayweather?

Of course not.

But you have to hand it to McGregor for trying to get the fight, and the gigantic payday that comes along with it.

It will be interesting to see if McGregor gets a Nevada State Athletic Commission boxing license in the near future – which is what he needs to face Mayweather in Vegas.

McGregor is due to walk Michael Conlan to the ring on his professional debut next month at Madison Square Garden.