Danny Garcia’s Dad Angel Garcia Responds To Racism Claims

The always colorful and controversial Angel Garcia reacts to claims he made racist remarks at a press conference ahead of his son Danny’s upcoming fight against Keith Thurman.

There has been plenty of backlash to these particular comments so far.


But, thus far, it doesn’t look like Angel Garcia will face any action.

However it is understood he will speak to the New York State Athletic Commission on fight week of his son’s fight against Thurman.

Speaking to Fight Hub, Angel Garcia responded to recent racism claims following the remarks above by saying:

“I went through racism in this country (USA). I grew up in Black neighbourhoods. I went to black schools, black neighbourhoods, so how the hell am I racist? I even f***** me a couple of black girls.”

He added later:

“Come on man. If I was racist do you think I’d be here talking to you? You wouldn’t be in here. Listen, I work for Russians. I work for a lot of people. I work for Russians. I work for Pakistanis.”

Angel Garcia – a man that certainly never filters his words.

On a boxing note, the fight between Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman will take place on March 4th at the Barclays Centre in New York.

For the full interview with Angel Garcia check it out here via Fight Hub TV YouTube (hat tip and credit):