Roy Jones Jr vs Bobby Gunn Results (Full Fight Video)

The Roy Jones Jr vs Bobby Gunn results are in from the main event in Delaware.

Roy Jones Jr vs Bobby Gunn represented the coming together of two fighters now past their prime from a professional boxing perspective, but still due to their popularity and names within the fight business as a whole, one some people were still interested to see what would happen.

Roy Jones Jr vs Bobby Gunn Results

Well, even at 48 years of age, Roy Jones Jr still showed he had more than enough skills left to compete at this particular level in pro boxing.

The odds from the bookmakers heavily favored Jones before the fight, and they were proved right.

Whether or not he chooses to fight on after this, or even fight someone in the top 10 at cruiserweight, is something we’ll just have to wait and see.

Ultimately Jones scored a relatively impressive TKO victory over Bobby Gunn to win the WBF cruiserweight title.

Jones came into the fight in relatively good condition to be fair to him for a 48 year old fighter.

He clearly took the fight serious and had trained hard.

He eased his way into the bout but as the early rounds progressed, the skills gap was evident between the two fighters.

Jones was beating Gunn up as he came into the fight, making Gunn miss – landing pot shots to the head and body.

His feints also worked well over a much slower Bobby Gunn.

It wasn’t the highest output of punches in total, but Jones was economical in his work and even at his age, looked a cut above Gunn.

Gunn failed to come out for the 8th round to do battle, after shipping a beating it must be said for 7 rounds.

He noted after the fight that Jones was the best fighter he had ever fought.

Here’s what happened in the fight:

(Hat tip and credit: Boxing mania2015 YouTube)