McGregor Eyes Mayweather’s ‘Highest Paid Fighter’ Record

While it is established that the top pro boxers earn more than the top MMA fighters in the world, Conor McGregor is looking to change this and has his eyes firmly set on the record currently held by a professional boxer.

28 year old Conor McGregor has definitely made a huge name for himself.

Perhaps quicker than anyone ever did in combat sports history (boxing or MMA).

Even Floyd Mayweather.

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Many forget that Floyd’s boxing career was not an instant box office hit at the beginning of his pro career.

It took quite some time for him to become ‘Money’ Mayweather – pretty much towards the end of his career in fact.

Mayweather went out on his own at this point with adviser Al Haymon to secure the record-shattering pay days after developing the ‘Money’ persona, allowing his adviser Haymon to leverage his growing numbers with TV companies into bigger and bigger paydays.

Before that, when he was known as ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd when he was promoted by Top Rank, he was not the massive money generating boxing brand that he is today.

But Conor McGregor who is heavily linked with a boxing match against Mayweather this year, believes he can surpass that accolade currently held by Mayweather:


He has some way to go though.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly earned in the region of $300 million just for his fight with Manny Pacquiao back in May 2015.

The UFC do not disclose numbers of what their fighters earn, but it has been reported in different quarters that McGregor has not yet earned more than $20 million for a bout.

Still a massive chunk of change mind you.

That us mere mortals can only dream of.

If a Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match happens in 2017, expect both men to earn very well out of it indeed.