Gervonta Davis Responds To Ryan Garcia Taunting His Intelligence Levels

A fight between undefeated American boxing stars Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia appears to be gathering momentum once again following the latter’s latest win on Saturday night.

Garcia it would be fair to say is not as far along in his career or development as a fighter as Davis at this point but that said, what a fight it would still be.

Moves had been made to try to make the fight before but an offer in the media from Davis’ promoter Floyd Mayweather resulted in things going cold again with a cease and desist letter sent in reply by Garcia’s promoter Golden Boy.

If it’s down to the two fighters though, judging by this latest Twitter bashing, they’d definitely take the fight it’s safe to say:

Judging by the huge reaction their Twitter beefs tend to get it’s also safe to say that there’s a hell of a lot of interest in the fight already.

A great clash of styles if it could be made.