Floyd Mayweather issues statement following report from the Irish Sun that terms were agreed for the fight.

Most sports fans have probably come across some form of Mayweather-McGregor news today, as part of their daily sports news intake.

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It all started first thing Tuesday morning when The Sun reported that a Mayweather-McGregor boxing match’s terms had been agreed according to their source, and that official contracts could be signed very soon.

Stephen A Smith of ESPN also spoke of how Mayweather last weekend said they were getting “very close” to the fight being signed.

Floyd Mayweather has now come out and issued a formal statement following the intensive speculation:


Followed by an almost identical, but not quite:


Make of that what you will.

It doesn’t really change the story today that terms were agreed, as the story also said that nothing official had been signed just yet – which Mayweather has now confirmed himself.

This Mayweather-McGregor saga is likely to play out for a while further, toying almost with the fans with it’s one minute it’s on, one minute it’s off – type feel to it.

In the age of Donald Trump proclaiming war on ‘fake news’, this Mayweather-McGregor ongoing internet ‘tease farce’ is becoming a real annoyance for fans.

Just make the fight or stop speaking about it. At least that’s how I think most fans feel at this point.

But somehow, I don’t think that will happen.

I’d expect to hear either Mayweather or McGregor say something about a possible fight yet again over the coming weeks.

(Image source and credit: Mayweather and McGregor Twitter accounts)

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