Mayweather and McGregor Fight Terms Reportedly Agreed

News of a Mayweather and McGregor fight taking a real step towards happening has emerged – as McGregor gets ready to fly to Mayweather’s hometown of Las Vegas.

This past weekend UFC head honcho Dana White re-iterated that if his most famed fight star Conor McGregor wants to fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, that he will need to go through the UFC first.


It appears that this is not an issue for McGregor, who, despite saying that he could do the boxing match without the UFC but would prefer to have them on board, most likely knows that he will need them when it comes down to it.

He has four fights left in his UFC contract and that’s a reality he can’t get out of.

No matter how big a star he is.

However, positive talks of a Mayweather and McGregor fight happening have been revealed by The Sun.

According to their source the financial fees involved in a Mayweather and McGregor fight have been agreed, although an official agreement has not been signed just yet.

They also mention that an official contract could be signed as close as two weeks time.

McGregor it is understood to be getting ready to travel to Mayweather’s hometown of Las Vegas at this time.

It is expected he will apply for a Nevada State boxing license in Mayweather’s jurisdiction.

McGregor has been practising his boxing sparring a lot recently – as this video illustrates.

Expect plenty of twists and turns in this story over the coming weeks.

One that has captivated both the boxing and MMA worlds since it was first mooted in 2016.

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