WATCH: David Haye Bare Knuckle Punch Connecting On Tony Bellew

David Haye Bare Knuckle Punch

The video below captures the moment a David Haye bare knuckle punch was thrown and connected on the side of the face of Liverpool’s Tony Bellew.

David Haye Bare Knuckle Punch

The David Haye bare knuckle punch and chaotic scenes were initially captured here.

The two British heavyweight rivals collided for the first time at a press conference in the UK ahead of their March 4th showdown at the O2 Arena.

Prior to the David Haye bare knuckle punch flying – almost at the same time Tony Bellew pushed Haye, the two had exchanged a tirade of verbal insults.

It was possibly one of the most palpably hatred driven boxing press conferences in recent history. Genuine hatred oozed throughout.

Here’s what happened the moment the two got too close to one another. A David Haye bare knuckle punch connecting on Tony Bellew no less:

It appears that as soon as Bellew put his hands on Haye to push him away Haye snapped. He let off the lead left hook that landed on the right side of Bellew’s head in the slowed down version above.

Bellew confirmed as much after the press conference in an interview with James Helder of IFL TV. David Haye certainly knows how to sell a fight but was this too far?

It will be interesting to see if either man faces any penalty or disciplinary action afterwards. This would come from the British Boxing Board of Control ultimately if it happens.

Following the fight taking place it was Tony Bellew who ended up coming out with the victory. He shocked the boxing world by stopping Haye inside the distance.

Both men suffered injuries. Haye to his Achilles and Bellew to his hand. Fitness appeared to be an issue for Haye as well as his injury, essentially boxing on one leg from round 5 on wards.

Although the David Haye bare knuckle punch connected on Bellew before the fight – it was the Liverpool man who had the last laugh.