Santa Cruz Frampton Part III In Belfast Unlikely

A Leo Santa Cruz Frampton third fight in Frampton’s hometown of Belfast in Northern Ireland looks very unlikely now.

Leo Santa Cruz avenged his loss to Carl Frampton with a points victory in January 2016 in Las Vegas.

He showed an ability to change his gameplan to a more counter punching, boxing-style one than many believed he could as a pressure fighter.


Both he and Frampton are now 1-1 in total fights boxed and with the clash of styles they have being so fan-friendly, a third fight seems like it makes sense across the board.

After their rematch Frampton called for the third fight to be in Belfast in Northern Ireland, after he had travelled to the States on two occasions to fight Santa Cruz.

While Mexican Santa Cruz was not exactly boxing on home ground in the US, it could be argued that the Vegas location was a lot closer for him last time out than the considerable distance Frampton had to travel.

Nonetheless, Santa Cruz’ father has poured cold water over a possible third fight in Belfast taking place, saying that if Frampton wants to fight Santa Cruz again it will have to be back: “Over here.”

Speaking to Villainfy Media YouTube – Don Jose Santa Cruz expressed his concerns of a possibly adverse decision not going his son’s way if he had to travel to Frampton’s hometown: