New Boxing Brain Scanner To Be Trialled In The Sport

Handheld boxing brain scanner device to be tested at boxing events in UK.

It’s no secret that the medical aspects of boxing have been getting some pretty bad press lately.

After tragedies in 2016 actions are now being taken.

From fighter’s being placed in medically induced comas for their own well-being to them sadly losing their lives as a result of punishment taken in the ring it hasn’t been a stellar few months for the sport.

Now, however, it seems steps are finally being taken to improve the chances of spotting potentially deadly damage much earlier.

The BIBA (British and Irish Boxing Association) have announced that they have purchased two test models of the handheld brain scanner and plan to use them before and after their fights in the coming months.

The idea being that if they prove to be of significant use they will hopefully be rolled out on a much wider scale across the UK and possibly beyond.

The scanners, which aren’t dissimilar to the scanners you would find in most hospitals, are specifically designed to spot bleeding on the brain.

This is a common injury amongst fighters who have taken an accumulation of powerful shots – and use infrared lasers to detect any irregularity amongst brain tissue (unwanted blood).

It is hoped that by spotting this unfortunate side effect much earlier on fighters can be prioritized and rushed to hospital much more quickly in the future to decrease their chances of sustaining any long-lasting brain damage or worse.

(Boxing brain scanner trials to start soon):