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Watch: New Conor McGregor Boxing Sparring Video – Has He Shown Improvement?

A new Conor McGregor boxing sparring video has been put up by the Irishman on his Instagram account, following an initial video put out back in 2016.

The first video showed McGregor sparring South African professional boxer Chris Van Heerden, and wasn’t the most flattering for the Irishman whom many within boxing noted did not possess the boxing skills needed to go anywhere near a top level fighter like Floyd Mayweather.

That sentiment was echoed by Hall of Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach in particular.

But you have to admire his willingness to test himself, get in there, and try to improve.

It’s a trait highlighted before on the Joe Rogan podcast that McGregor likes to take himself out of his element and comfort zone in his UFC training camps, and work with athletes who are better than him in certain aspects of his mixed martial arts weaponry.

Check out this short new Conor McGregor boxing sparring video and see how he does for yourself:

What do you think? Has he shown improvement from his first boxing sparring video released to the public in 2016?

He looks like he has an interesting enough counter punching style and that he’s trying to work on distance, and even a bit of shoulder roll.

But if he’s seriously thinking about getting in a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather this year, this would prove pointless for obvious reasons.

It’s hard to see what would work, in all fairness.

Perhaps going for broke and trying to rough Mayweather up Marcos Maidana-style might be his best bet.

McGregor recently said that his next goal is to get a Nevada State boxing license to entice Mayweather even more into a potential boxing showdown.

Time will tell if he does.

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