Canelo vs Golovkin Who Wins? 900 Plus Boxing Fans Vote

Canelo vs Golovkin is currently being looked at for later in 2017 with both men tied up with significant fights for their first outing of the year.

Canelo Alvarez is set to take on fellow Mexican boxing star Julio Cesar Chavez Jr this coming May at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in what promises to be a toe to toe battle of modern day Mexican warriors.

It’s a fight that came out of left field in it’s announcement in early 2017, admittedly, but one many are excited for.

Golovkin takes on Danny Jacobs in a middleweight title fight in March and although many think he will get the win, Jacobs is not a man to be underestimated.

Not by a long, long shot.

Many fighters go into survival mode and show fear under the overwhelming power of ‘GGG’.

Jacobs will not. No way.

He’s seen much scarier things in his life having successfully fought and beaten cancer outside the ring, and then returned afterwards to the sport of boxing not only as an active athlete, but also to become a world champion.

However, should Canelo and Golovkin come through these two substantial fights, the much wanted showdown between the two is clear to be made for September.

Could Golovkin take another fight in the meantime should he beat Jacobs?

Possibly, but given the amount of promotion time and prep time that would be needed for a fight of the magnitude of Golovkin vs Canelo, one would think the latter would take precedence.

We wanted to get fight fans’ current opinion on the possible mega fight this year.

Over the course of just over an hour on Facebook live Boxing News and Views readers weighed in with the following tally in favor of Golovkin:

531 – 378 votes.

(Canelo vs Golovkin who wins?)

canelo vs golovkin who wins

Not a whole lot in the difference overall.

Showing just how close a fight many fans perceive it to be.