Dana White on Mayweather vs McGregor – Optimism on Boxing Match Happening Continues to Deteriorate

Those hoping for a Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing bonanza this year have been dealt another blow this weekend, as one of the key negotiators involved is less than enthusiastic about it.

President of the UFC Dana White still runs things day to day by all accounts at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, despite him recently selling his ownership shares in the company as part of a whopping $4 billion dollar sale in 2016.

Speaking to the folks at TMZ this Super Bowl weekend he was less than excited when the topic of the fight came up.

Dana White on Mayweather vs McGregor happening:

“I’m not here to negotiate with Mayweather. First of all I’m here to see the Patriots win their 5th Super Bowl, see the Korean zombie and I’ve got a bull running.”

He added:

“I think the odds for the fight happening are like the odds of me being the back up quarter back for Brady this Sunday (Super Bowl).”

McGregor has recently stated that he in fact does not need the UFC’s blessing for such a boxing showdown with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, along with some other, well, controversial comments about Mayweather himself.

The reality of the first claim though is debatable, considering he is sill under contract with the organization.

Some have suggested there might be a loop hole available to him in the way that the UFC sometimes lets it’s athletes compete in other non UFC athletic competitions such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

For the full interview with Dana White on Mayweather vs McGregor happening check it out here;

(Hat tip and credit TMZ YouTube)