BoxNation To Show Free To Air Footage of Old Eubank Fights (Past Defeats) During Live Eubank Jr ITV Pay Per View Fight

The dedicated boxing channel will go head to head with Chris Eubank Jr’s live ITV PPV appearance and show Eubank fights (senior and junior) from the past for free, at the same time of Eubank Jr’s live fights.

One could be forgiven for having a slight chuckle at the news that BoxNation will be showing free to air coverage tonight at the same time of Eubank Jr’s first pay per view outing, and the first time broadcaster ITV have ever shown a pay per view boxing event.

Even the most cynical of boxing critics probably smiled when they saw this:

(Eubank fights of the past to be aired by BoxNation for free during Eubank Jr ITV PPV debut)

Competitive business move or direct jibe at Eubank and co? Probably both.

Eubank Jr’s fight on ITV pay per view has come in for some criticism from sports fans for being on pay per view in the first place but alas, many hardcore boxing fans despite what they might say in public, will more than likely watch the fight.

The real question will be was the terrestrial advertising power of ITV enough to convince general sports fans to buy and watch the fight?

That question, like any product or service, will only be seen after the event has either been purchased or not.

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