Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine 2 Results

Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine 2 was a rematch between two of Australia’s more well known pro fighters around the world.

MC’d by the one and only Michael Buffer on the night, the fight was for the Australian cruiserweight title.

But more than anything, perhaps it was more for bragging rights between two of Australia’s more famed fighting sons around the world.

Two warriors and two former world champions.

In the first fight back in 2006 Mundine emerged with the unanimous decision on the night.

It was to prove a different story 11 years on however.

The fight started in controversial fashion in the very first round – in front of a passionate crowd in attendance at Adelaide Oval, North Adelaide in South Australia.

Green came out swinging straight away, putting Mundine onto the back foot.

In a clinch between the two near the ropes, all of a sudden as both went to mutually break, Mundine landed a shot on the inside on Green which hurt him to the soul of his boots.

So much so that he fell down to the ropes and the referee appeared lost as to what to do.

Replays showed Green looking at the referee at the time of the blow, so some suggested the punch may have been legal as the referee was not breaking the pair at the time of the incident.

Green seemed to have gathered his senses in the 2nd round, in what was a very scrappy three minutes of the scheduled 10 round contest.

By the third round it was apparent Mundine wanted to make it a boxing match behind the jab, with Green intent on making more of a fight out of it.

Mundine started putting his punches together in the fourth round in what was a strong three minutes for ‘The Man’.

He pushed Green back at times in a reverse of Green’s own tactics.

Green rallied back in the fourth however, dug in deep and did enough in my opinion to take the round on work rate and punches landed.

A competitive enough fight by the middle of the bout.

As the fight progressed in the mid rounds a cut developed over the right eye of Mundine, although he was the man pushing the pace against a Green who looked to be feeling the pace.

Mundine got off some impressive combinations in the 8th and the 9th, momentum tipping in his favour in my opinion.

Both men gave it everything in the 10th and final round but it was Mundine who closed out the fight strongest with the superior stamina on the night I felt.

In the end, Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine 2 was voted as a majority decision victory for Danny Green in what was a scrappy, hard to score affair at times.

Unfortunately bad scenes after the fight occurred in the form of a crowd disturbance that needed an announcer to go onto the intercom to cool things down.