Shannon Briggs WBA Heavyweight Title Shot To Finally Become A Reality

Love him or hate him the Shannon Briggs ‘Lets Go Champ’ movement looks set to finally pay off in the near future for the American heavyweight, as a Shannon Briggs WBA heavyweight title shot now looks like it will become a reality.

This week it was confirmed by Briggs on his own (and as always colorful) Instagram account that the World Boxing Association will be ordering a heavyweight title fight for him in the near future:

Shannon Briggs WBA heavyweight title shot to become real in 2017:

Shannon Briggs WBA

Puerto Rico’s Oquendo brings a fair bit of experience (37-8-24KO) into the fight when it is eventually signed.

He has shared the ring with well known warriors over the years like James Toney, Evander Holyfield, Oliver McCall and David Tua – to name a few.

The story here though, for me, really revolves around Briggs’ almost super human determination and never taking no for an answer mentality finally paying off.

Perhaps a lesson to us all.

A man who travelled the world in search of an opportunity in recent years since returning to the sport following a dark period of depression and weight gain, only to come back a new and revitalised version of himself – inspiring many along the way it must be said.

Where and when the fight will take place in 2017 is not yet clear but without doubt, it is the most tangible and real step in Briggs’ ‘Lets Go Champ’ movement so far.

Presumably the fight will be for the WBA Regular belt when it does happen, with the Super belt of the organizatation currently being competed between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko this coming April in the UK.

The Shannon Briggs comeback story continues.