Mike Tyson Has Words For Chris Brown – Promises To Teach Him Every Dirty Trick In The Book Against Soulja Boy

Mike Tyson has words for Chris Brown and his opponent Soulja Boy amid freak show frenzy online following surprise announcement of a boxing match between the two.

Mike Tyson Has Words For Chris Brown – ‘Iron’ Mike Returns To The Sport Of Boxing As A Trainer

Mike Tyson has words for Chris Brown and indeed his opposing opponent Soulja Boy in the pair’s upcoming three round celebrity boxing match being promoted by Floyd Mayweather.

Since the announcement of the fight in recent days fans have been debating across the web about the bout’s outcome and indeed it’s credibility, particularly with the news that Floyd Mayweather will be training Soulja Boy himself (as well as promoting the fight), and then with rumors that ring great Mike Tyson would be training Chris Brown.

These rumors have now been confirmed by the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing himself on Twitter.

Mike Tyson has words for Chris Brown and Soulja Boy:

It’s official, Mike Tyson says he will be training Chris Brown for his fight against Soulja Boy. pic.twitter.com/Jr1mHoTDeR


Classic Tyson.

I came across one interesting comment online from a fan earlier who gave his take on why the whole spectacle is happening.

Besides money of course.

Everyone involved both in the ring and out of the ring from the combatants themselves, to Mayweather, Tyson and rapper 50 Cent have all achieved massive highs in their respective careers and are all in a rather quiet period in their lives from a fame and limelight perspective, with Mayweather not having boxed himself in some time and Tyson and 50 Cent not doing a whole lot career-wise at the moment.

mike tyson has words for chris brown

Essentially the fan’s point of view was that this whole thing is something that everyone involved conjured up out of plain old boredom, as they simply look for a new project.

Less logical theories have certainly been exhibited. At least I thought anyway.

Whatever the motives for this celebrity boxing spectacle, interest is very high early doors in it from what I’ve seen on social media and even more now with Tyson’s confirmed involvement.