David Haye Taunts Promoter Eddie Hearn’s Style

David Haye taunts Eddie Hearn as his verbal assault on the promoter continues following the first press conference with upcoming opponent Tony Bellew on March 4th.

While the promoters don’t typically or at least, shouldn’t typically, come into the story line of a fight which is usually about the two boxers competing, former heavyweight champion of the world David Haye appears hell bent on taking down promoter Eddie Hearn a notch or two as part of the build-up to his fight with Tony Bellew on March 4th.

From a media perspective, Hearn to his credit is probably one of the most easily accessible promoters out there in recent years, engaging and often biting on Twitter to fans that heckle him and usually he’s always available for interviews with everyone in the media at press conferences.

David Haye isn’t a fan of Hearn’s media or interview style however – as this latest Photoshop jibe conveys:

David Haye taunts Eddie Hearn again

Haye has promised to end Hearn’s Matchroom Sport here this week. After beating Bellew he promised to then beat their star fighter Anthony Joshua in 2017.

Haye is clearly looking to make the build-up to the fight not just him versus Bellew – but also team vs team.