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David Haye Eddie Hearn Hatred Comes To The Surface


The David Haye Eddie Hearn dislike for one another really came to light today at the first Haye vs Bellew press conference where Haye let rip into boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

Another twists in the story line of Haye vs Bellew was the dislike that exists between both fighters teams. In particular the David Haye Eddie Hearn disdain that exists.

One of the first things Haye mentioned when speaking at the press conference in the UK was how he was sick of boxing promoter and head of Matchoom Sport Eddie Hearn.

Haye kicked off the press conference by saying:

“All I’ve noticed is Eddie Hearn. Everything is the Eddie Hearn show and this fight gives me the opportunity to shut his big mouth. All he does is jump on front of the camera. He shouldn’t be hosting this, Adam (Smith) should be hosting this. But he wanted to get out there and the reason why Tony believes I’ve got loads of diva’sh demands, we’ve got things I want okay ring gloves, changing rooms, a big long list. But when it came to negotiations the only thing that Eddie put his foot down on was that it had to be his name first Eddie Hearn and Hayemaker Promotions presents.”


The David Haye Eddie Hearn animosity continued to be played out in front of the public when Hearn replied:

“It was actually the split. I’m please to give you a payday.”

Haye then brought up Hearn’s father Barry Hearn who started Matchroom Sport, as well as making reference to a recent Katie Taylor interview and more:

“I can’t remember your dad Barry sticking his face in all of the situations. I tried to watch a Katie Taylor interview the other day. I was really interested to see how she was, her first fight was really looking forward to it she starts talking and you barge her out of the way, ah, here we go, apples and pares! Jumping around. Clowning around. It’s not the Eddie Hearn show. You should be promoting your fighters. A boxing promotes the fighters, they don’t promote themselves.  Why you introdcuing everbody? Technically I’m more of a promoter in this than you are.”

Hearn responded:

“Mate you are a joke promoter. I’ve seen your fights. They are not fights. You are the one person who loves the sound of his own voice more than me. That’s the truth.”


Haye continued his verbal assault on Hearn by adding:

“I’d have no problem working with Matchroom if you are old man (Barry Hearn) was running the show. Because you are old man was a great promoter.

Hearn countered:

“Well you are working with Matchroom because you’ve got no choice because you need the dough. That’s the craic. You need the dough. That’s why you are.”

Haye concluded:

“After I’ve taken out this guy I’m going to come back and take out (Anthony) Joshua and end your business. Matchroom is going to be over with and finished. Trust me.”

Yeah, the David Haye Eddie Hearn hatred for one another is pretty genuine.

For the moment Haye through a punch at Tony Bellew after the press conference – you can watch it here.