Watch: Inspiring Video of Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ Story

After stumbling upon this latest Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ video edit this morning, I couldn’t help but finding myself more energized and alert. It’s possibly one of his best ones so far.

As 2016 draws to a close it has been a bag of mixed fortunes for the sport of boxing, with 2017 by all accounts promising to be a much bigger year for the sport internationally all around the world.

It’s been a success for one man from a self-promotion point of view in particular however, Shannon Briggs.

It’s crazy to think that one guy and a small team of people who believed in him were able to drum up so much interest around himself this year, to the point of getting himself into contention for a WBA regular heavyweight title shot in the near future only for Australian Lucas Browne to have to pull out of the fight after allegedly failing a drugs test.

But Briggs still finds himself in a decent position as he’ll more than likely be still able to get the shot against someone else in 2017.

As the year comes to a close, he’s put together this excellent Shannon Briggs Lets Go Champ style, almost brief recap of everywhere he’s been, the stars he’s met and indeed the praise he’s received for the positive vibes he’s spread:

(Hat tip Shannon Briggs Instagram)

I thought the Snoop Dog shout out above was particularly cool.

No doubt 2017 promises that long awaited, elusive final big fight that Briggs so desperately craves and wants.

Whether it will be for a title or against a big name heavyweight remains to be seen.

But his positive story of 2016 will not be forgotten not just by many boxing fans, but many non-boxing fans who’s interest he drew to the sport this year from his endeavours.