Thomas Stalker vs Craig Evans Full Fight Report – Boxing Results

Our Thomas Stalker vs Craig Evans full fight report and analysis as part of tonight’s boxing results in Cardiff, Wales.

The Thomas Stalker vs Craig Evans fight took place tonight for the WBO European lightweight title at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales.

Both men had fought before in rather entertaining fashion in two draws and the first round of their latest get together proved to be the same again – with each fighter happy to exchange big shots from the opening bell.

Evans landed some very nice left hands in round 2, although just before the end of the bell Stalker connected with a lovely uppercut on the inside.

Overall though the better punches were probably landed by Evans during the round.

Stalker began to stalk (pardon the pun) Evans down in the third and landed a big left hand on Evans from the centre of the ring. Evans replied almost instantly. Good round for Stalker.

As the fight progressed Stalker began to really utilize the left hand well and landed some thudding blows with it in the 5th round. But again, Evans’ spirit was not to be broken and he came right back at Stalker.

The fight was becoming a tight one to score in the mid rounds.

Stalker landed a couple of looping right hands in the seventh but again Evans responded – this time with the straight left and pushed Stalker back onto the ropes on some occasions.

Evans had a nice round 8 and landed a lead uppercut towards the end of the round. Also, before that he was really using the jab well against Stalker.

Stalker tried to press forward in round 9 and did land on a couple of occasions but overall Evans’ counters and ring control just took the round in my opinion.

But it was close. He seemed the more accurate and economic in his punch output of the two.

Both looked tired by the tenth and final round but it was Evans who was digging in that little bit more. That little bit busier and accurate on the night I thought.

The Thomas Stalker vs Craig Evans result was confirmed by the judges as a majority points decision in favor of Craig Evans which took his record to 16-1-2 (3KO).

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And the new! @craig_evans1 wins the WBO European Lightweight Championship on home soil! Great fight! #StalkerEvans

— Frank Warren (@frankwarren_tv) November 26, 2016