Watch: Kovalev Ward Weigh In Live Stream Video

The live stream video of the Kovalev Ward weigh in and also the recording for those that don’t get a chance to catch it live later on is below.

The moment of truth is now just around the corner for Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward as they count down the hours until they step into the ring for the biggest night of their lives in boxing.

One man must win and one must lose and they know that everything will be on the line in Las Vegas when they showdown not just in a light-heavyweight world title fight, but also a fight for the right for the winner to call himself the best pound for pound boxer in the world today.

Both men will attempt to come in under the light-heavyweight (175lbs) limit later in Vegas with the Kovalev Ward weigh in time expected to start around the 10.30pm mark UK / Irish time, which is 2.30pm PT and 5.30pm ET in the US.

Here is the Kovalev Ward weigh in live stream video ahead of time for you to use:

(Hat tip and credit HBO YouTube)

Much has been made about the tactics either man could utilize in the fight with some suggesting that it could be a real chess match in the early part of the matchup.

Others think Kovalev will come out blasting from the get go in a bid to ruffle the feathers of perhaps the slicker boxer Andre Ward early doors.

But Kovalev is no slouch in the boxing skills department himself. A man well schooled and versed in the art of pugilism.

Will it be enough to crack the Andre Ward code however? Time will tell. Ward is promising fans a treat tomorrow night:

Ready to step in the ring tomorrow night. #Nov19th will be worth the wait. Don’t miss it!

— Andre S.O.G. Ward (@andreward) November 18, 2016