George Groves vs Gutknecht Full Fight Report – Boxing Results

George Groves knew that he had to win and win in style tonight to keep his world title dream alive. Here is the Groves vs Gutknecht full fight report from London.

It’s been a long few years for George Groves ever since he lost for the first time against Carl Froch for the first time back in 2013, and then getting knocked out again by him not long after.

Since initially recording his first big win against James DeGale, Londoner Groves has had three (unsuccessful so far) shots at a world title thus far in his professional career and at 28 years of age, has already been in some damaging fights.

But he’s got the bit back between his teeth and under new trainer Shane McGuigan is looking to get back to the big time for one last chance at a world title.

Tonight at the Wembley Arena in Groves’ backyard in London he took on 34 year old German Eduard Gutknecht who like Groves, knew tonight was a must win for him to get back in contention for possibly one last chance at a world title.

groves vs gutknecht full fight

Here’s what happened round by round in our Groves vs Gutknecht full fight report:

Right from round one both men looked to take the centre of the ring. Gutknecht caught Groves off guard at the start of the round with his assertiveness but Groves settled into the round in the second half of it, landing a nice right hand off the back foot at one point.

Groves looked to draw Gutknecht onto his punches in round 2, boxing behind a long, fast jab at range out of a low centre of gravity type stance.

Groves’ accuracy won the round in my opinion.

The third round was a more scrappy affair – tough to score. Gutknecht had more success with applying superior pressure on Groves, backing him up onto the ropes in patches.

Groves had decent success in round 4 with the right hand, detonating it on the temple of his opponent and following up again with an overhand right.

Gutknecht’s head cleared before the end of the round but it was definitely the best three minutes of the fight so far for Groves.

Groves really turned it on in round five and started putting more ‘mustard’ on his shots, picking his moments well with his class starting to tell.

However Gutknecht came back strong in round 6 – the straight right hand proving to be a very effective weapon against Groves.

Groves looked like he was showing signs of fatigue in round 7 but landed a beautiful short right uppercut on the inside, while on the ropes.

The Englishman looked like he was brimming with confidence in round eight and seemed in total control of the fight at this point. Probably his best round of the fight thus far.

Groves landed a cracking right hand near the start of round 9. He proceeded to pour on the pressure towards the end of the round but Gutknecht managed to hang on to see the round out.

Gutknecht’s eye was closing badly by the tenth and really showed his toughness to ship an awful lot of punishment from Groves.

Groves boxed within himself in a professional round in the 11th, looking like he was pacing himself for the final round ahead.

‘The Saint’ closed out the 12th and final round in the same fashion he boxed most of the fight – in control. A solid display overall from Groves who showed good stamina over the 12 rounds tonight.

The judges’ scorecards confirmed that Groves won on points and improved his professional record to 25-3-18KO.