Watch: Skip Bayless Controversially Claims McGregor Will Beat Mayweather In Boxing Rules

Probably one of the most controversial videos you will see this year as broadcaster Skip Bayless goes on record to claim he believes Conor McGregor will beat Mayweather if the two collide in a boxing match in 2017.

There’s no denying the fight if it were to happen under MMA rules (mixed martial arts) would be a one sided affair in McGregor’s favor.

But the consensus of common logic from what I’ve seen on the two competing under strictly boxing rules is in Mayweather’s favor heavily.

More than anything the hyper bole of speculation between the two seems to be in full overdrive at the moment, without anything definitive around if they are actually going to fight or not on the table just yet.

Skip Bayless has stoked these hype flames with this controversial claim on why he thinks McGregor could beat Mayweather in a straight boxing match:

While Mayweather is getting on in age he still has all that experience of over 20 years of competing at the highest level in pro boxing and one would imagine he isn’t as far removed age-wise from his career as Bayless is suggesting above for it to have such a dramatic effect on a potential boxing match with McGregor.

The mentioning of “Conor McGregor is the baddest man on the planet” at the end there really shows just how much hype he’s trying to build-up more than anything.

In what would be a combat sports event of gigantic proportions from a generating interest level.

If it did happen, it would represent the biggest crossing over of the sports of boxing and MMA ever. There has been instances in the past where boxers and MMA fighters have hopped over into the other’s sport.

But nothing on this scale from two fighters so well known and still able to compete at such a high level in their respective sports (granted Mayweather is retired but should he comeback he’d still be very competitive at welterweight or super welterweight).

The two have gone at one another verbally in the media this week with Mayweather referring to McGregor as an ant here and McGregor responding by telling him:

“Say it to my face.”