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Home » Watch: Conor McGregor Storms Boxing Media – Claims He Is Boxing

Watch: Conor McGregor Storms Boxing Media – Claims He Is Boxing

Conor McGregor storms boxing media area after his pal Michael Conlan scores a stoppage win on his professional debut at Madison Square Garden.

McGregor was seen ringside throwing every punch almost with his young friend, cheering him on and walking him out to the ring before he scored this stoppage.

The ring walk out was quite the spectacle in itself, as Irish fans in attendance went wild when they saw Conlan with McGregor.

But McGregor wasn’t finished there and he knew as ever, a self-promotion opportunity presented itself. This time to some faces that he didn’t know.

It appears poor old Dan Rafael of ESPN took quite the earful from McGregor when he shook hands with him and told McGregor:

“I’m the boxing guy.”

To which McGregor responded:

“I’m the boxing guy!”

The Irishman went on to talk about the now much hyped potential boxing match with Floyd Mayweather and told media not to worry and that they will hear about it soon, as well as that he is going to make everyone of them “eat their words.”

Bold claims from a bold man but he is obviously not going to admit in public to knowing that he can’t beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

There’s just no way it’s possible for McGregor to beat Mayweather in boxing rules. Period.

Here’s what happened as McGregor storms boxing media last night and targets his words straight at Dan Rafael:

(Hat tip and credit: Fight Hub TV YouTube)

Also, here’s what happened in Dan Rafael’s own version of events afterwards: