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Carl Froch Golovkin Beef Continues – Froch Dismisses GGG Threat

Published On November 17, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

The Carl Froch Golovkin debate rumbles on as speculation surrounding a potential Froch return to the sport of boxing to take on Golovkin continues among fans and members of the media.

This Carl Froch Golovkin beef is starting to grow legs with neither man appearing to want to back down in the war of words.

Carl Froch says now: “Too big, too strong”. Is he right or is he biting off more than he can chew by heckling Golovkin?

Is he starting to build interest in the fight and start to get interested in it himself again?

There has been some choice words back and forth between both men in the media this week, with the usually quiet and reserved Golovkin coming out swinging verbally here against the Englishman.

Froch has always been a man to speak his mind whether it’s been reminding us about the fact he sold 80,000 tickets when he knocked out George Groves at Wembley stadium or mentioning that he was an international superstar in the build-up to the first Groves fight.

It all has to be taken as a bit of tongue and cheek really and although good ol Carl gets a hard time on social media sometimes for controversial remarks he comes out with, it’s just him having a bit of fun from time to time I’d imagine.

In the ring his credentials speak for themselves having done things the hard way throughout his career before finally getting a decent break towards the latter part of his professional fighting tenure, when he got into the ‘Super 6’ tournament.

He then went on to fight some of the best fighters in the world consistently for a number of years, only ever losing to Andre Ward and Mikkel Kessler (which he avenged in their second fight).

His latest jibe at current world middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin on a potential fight with him if he were to come out of retirement is:

What a fight it would be from a clash of styles perspective though if it happened in 2017.

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