Andre Ward Trainer Questions Kovalev Coach’s Role In Fight Camp

Andre Ward trainer Virgil Hunter has been vocal about his opposing trainer in this weekend’s big fight between Ward and Sergey Kovalev.

Andre Ward trainer Virgil Hunter is known in the boxing industry to be one of the best tacticians in the business but also one of the best at preparing his fighters mentally.

This mental warfare also extends to his opposing coaches it seems.

Real mind games are now underway from Hunter ahead of Ward vs Kovalev, who called into question Kovalev coach David Jackson ahead of the highly anticipated matchup at the pre-fight press conference:

“Sometimes he wants (coach Jackson), he hopes it goes that way because I get that sense. I’ve been 33 years in the probation department – one of the best interrogators in the State of California. I’m very into body language, very into tones of voices and things like that and from what I hear and from what I see, I would feel safe to say is there is a lot of disarray in that camp. What I mean by that is I don’t even know that coach Jackson is even getting the respect that he’s do in that camp. But time will tell.”

He added:

“For instance, why did we have to make an excuse for him in Russia for selling tickets and things? I take you at your word (looking at Jackson), but don’t you have a team that could have took care of that? You are supposed to have a team to take care of that to take the pressure off the fighter. So he doesn’t have to go around with tickets. You minimize the pressure. You know what you are facing when you get there. So you have to be prepared but me, I’m going to take you at your word that this is what happened. But at the same time my interrogating sense, my mind slaying sense says it’s disarray in the camp, that there are some things going on in that camp, in that relationship, that might not appear what it is to the public.”

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