Watch On This Day In 2009: Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Full Fight Video

In honor of the seven year anniversary of the fight today and reminder by our friends at Only Full Fights, we’ve decided to take a stroll down memory lane after watching the Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto full fight video back.

I remember it well. In many ways it represented the peak of Manny Pacquiao’s powers.

That time when he was in the middle of a streak that might never be seen again in boxing. In terms of moving through the weights and blasting through much bigger opponents like no one ever did before.

Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton are three names that stand out to me during this period.

All on paper were meant to be highly competitive. Or in some cases placing Pacquiao the underdog before hand against perceived bigger or stronger foes.

Only for all three to get overwhelmed by the devastating force that was Manny Pacquiao at his best.

Of course Pacquiao is not done just yet with the sport of boxing. He recorded this impressive victory recently against Jessie Vargas but this performance against Cotto for me represents one one of his very best.

Here is the Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto full Fight Video (hat tip to the Glovesgymabc Gloves YouTube channel):

What a battle it was at times as well. Cotto really nailed Pacquiao with some beautiful uppercuts during parts of the bout when Pacquiao was on the ropes.

One of Pacquiao’s Filipino coaches who worked alongside Freddie Roach off camera (as the story goes) was nearly in tears shouting at Pacquiao to get off the ropes.

But get off the ropes he did.

Those combinations he detonated on Cotto during the catchweight fight would have stopped anyone in their tracks.

As of the time of this article in mid November 2016 it looks like Pacquiao still has another couple of fights left in him.

At least one would imagination. In between his political duties in his home country.

Particularly given this subtle hint on Twitter that he may be considering a rematch with none other than Floyd Mayweather in 2017:

Like my jacket?

— Manny Pacquiao (@mannypacquiao) November 14, 2016