Watch: Final Kovalev Ward Fight Documentary Full Video Before Nov 19th

The clock is well and truly ticking until the Kovalev Ward fight on Saturday night in Vegas. Two of the world’s premier professional fighters will contest what in many’s eyes will be for the mythical pound for pound championship of boxing for the winner.

The Kovalev Ward fight is one of those matchups that really transports you back to the glory days of boxing and why the sport has seen a resurgence in recent times.

Simply put it’s the best fighting the best. In more or less the prime of their careers. When fans actually want to see them fight.

Not five years after when fans want to see them fight. Its happening now when we want it.

Going into Saturday night there has been a number of excellent short documentary features (like this one for example) by the folks at HBO.

They have chronicled the back stories of both men. Where they came from to get where they are today and who they really are away from the cameras.

The final instalment in the popular series has been released today ahead of the Kovalev Ward fight:

(Hat tip and credit HBO YouTube)

Two fighters preparing for the fight of their lives, with the appropriate intensity accordingly.

Many will remember the strength and conditioning coach from the above segment that Ward is employing from previous boxing documentaries.

He has aged a bit since we last saw him but make no mistake, the guy is legit.

He helped Roy Jones become only the second man in history to win world titles from middleweight up to heavyweight – when he worked with Jones before the John Ruiz fight.

Kovalev by all accounts is also training like a beast at the moment and the two are now coming into the winding down phase of all their hard graft.

As weigh in day approaches this Friday.

If you are thinking of a bet on the fight here are some of the odds you can expect.