(Exclusive) Peter Fury: Tyson Will Be Back In 2017 – We’re Confident Hughie Will Be World Champion In 2017

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the world’s leading trainers this past weekend in Peter Fury. He spoke to me on a number things regarding his fighters – mentioning his nephew and former lineal heavyweight champion Tyson will be back next year, his plans for his son Hughie and much more.

As our chat began I couldn’t help but ask him a question that he’s probably been plagued with quite a bit in recent times, on when we’re likely to see Tyson Fury back in the ring and doing what he does best.

He told me:

“He’ll be back fighting next year.”

On the heavyweight landscape becoming fragmented since his nephew vacated his world heavyweight titles Peter said:

“I think it’s good for boxing. The more that’s out there, the more competition that’s out there the better. I think it’s all good.”

Our conversation then turned to the upcoming WBO heavyweight title fight between Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz for Tyson’s recently vacated WBO strap.

On the fight – Peter noted:

“I think it’s going to be a very good fight. I think it’s a 50/50 fight. It’s hard to say, it’s hard to pick a winner. They’re both good fighters. It’s a fight I’m looking forward to seeing.”

Peter Fury now has a booming heavyweight factory gym in Bolton that has Tyson Fury, his cousin and other world heavyweight contender Hughie Fury and also rising Irish heavyweight star Con Sheehan.

tyson will
Con Sheehan and Tyson Fury

This is something Peter is very pleased with from a development point of view:

“Very good sparring yes. It’s a very good atmosphere in the gym. They’ve got the best of sparring with each other. It just brings the fighters on. Steel sharpens steel so it’s very good.”

2017 promises to be a big year for boxing with the news recently that BoxNation and broadcaster giant BT have hooked up in one of the biggest boxing TV deals ever.

Speaking on the positive impacts of the deal for his own stable Peter said:

“I think it’s good all round for BT Sport and BoxNation. There’s BT Sport, there’s BoxNation, there’s MGM. They are all working as a unit. We’re all working to get things to push the boxers through. There’s going to be 30 plus shows next year.”

Our cross channel phone conversation between Ireland and England then moved onto what is next up for Peter’s son and undefeated heavyweight – Hughie Fury.

Peter is looking forward to next year for him

“Hughie is just one fight away from a title himself. I think he’s already there. He’s guaranteed a world title shot next year. It just depends who comes. He’s training all over the Christmas so he’s going to be ready for his world title shot in 2017 for sure.”

He added:

“We’re very happy with him. I think his time is coming now. He’s developed into a fine athlete. We’re just looking forward to getting him his chance. We are confident he will be a world champion next year.”

I wanted to know what Peter’s thoughts were on Tyson and Hughie’s career parallel and both getting so close to one another in the heavyweight division over the coming years.

I asked him if holding versions of the heavyweight titles like the Klitschko’s did in the past was something they were looking to do.

He told me:

“That’s the plan – to hold different versions of the belt. Tyson will come back. He will win a version of the world title for sure. We’re looking for Hughie to win world titles as well. So hopefully they can hold belts between them. It would be a fine achievement. That’s the goal and that’s the plan. So hopefully God willing we’ll get there.”

Before our call ended, speaking on plans for 2017 overall Peter concluded:

“I just want to all the fighters to keep winning. I’ve got Hughie and Con (Sheehan) coming through. I’ve got amateurs in young Tommy (Fury) I’ve got another heavyweight Tom Aspinall. I’m hoping that these guys keep winning and doing what we do best – that’s keeping winning, keep knocking on the door and keep bringing these titles home. It’s exciting. The camp is expanding. We’re looking to make a big dent next year in boxing as a whole.”