Golovkin Froch Fight Could Break Froch’s 80,000 Ticket Record Says GGG Promoter

Despite Eddie Hearn saying recently that a Golovkin Froch fight negotiation was just a joke between him and Golovkin’s promoter, Tom Loeffler himself has now said that the fight could actually happen.

Exciting news for fight fans who know of both GGG and Froch’s warrior styles in the boxing ring. Two men who always entertain within the squared circle and two guys who can absorb quite a bit of punishment – as well as dishing it out in spades.

When talks of a Golovkin Froch fight came up in the past social media went mental among boxing fans but alas, it never quite came to fruition.

As things stand on paper Carl Froch is retired and appears to be quite happy not to be stepping into the ring in the near future, but a Golovkin Froch fight could create the type of financial reward for him to make a comeback one would suspect.

Froch did say recently after Golovkin’s win over IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook that he would have done a better job than Brook that night.

So who knows? Perhaps the fight is something that Froch could still fancy.

It would be a massive fight. An excellent clash of styles that if it did happen. It would surely require Golovkin to step up a weight to super-middleweight (168lbs) for it to come to fruition.

Speaking to James Helder of IFL TV, Golovkin promoter Tom Loeffler said on discussions with Froch’s former promoter Eddie Hearn:

“I was talking to Eddie (Hearn) the other night. Potential Froch fight – we’re working on it, we’re working on it. Chipping away. Chipping away. I mean he’s retired, but I think the longer it goes there could be some interest in it. I know Eddie’s interested. Eddie wants to do a big event. I think we can break, well I know we can break Froch’s record for 80,000 tickets.”

Of course Golovkin needs to get past world middleweight number two Daniel Jacobs next up first. A fight that is expected to be signed soon for the early new year.

There is also the matter of the gigantic Canelo fight too. A fight that fans want more than any. But a Golovkin Froch fight is certainly one I’d also pay to watch in 2017.

Here is the full interview on IFL TV YouTube (hat tip and credit) with Golovkin’s promoter speaking on the subject: